Adobe Cabinets was established to help customers take advantage of our buying partnership. As a wholesale distributor in Tucson, we buy in container quantities. We bring in flat pack pre-manufactured cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bar area, entertainment center, and just about any room, and, they are ready to assemble. Assembling them in our wood shop will translate into significant savings for you.

After our complimentary consultation at your home, we will show you the multitude of cabinet options. We will then design your space to develop a list of materials. At this point, accurate pricing can be generated.

Darrin and Vince are our lead designers, and will happily meet with you to discuss your needs. After several decades of constructing and remodeling homes, Otto, in particular, moved into designing kitchens and bathrooms. Having many years of design experience Otto saved many clients from the pain of common pitfalls encountered in home renovation!

Whether it is a new kitchen or adding an accent island we can help you see the final project prior to making your final decision.